Strong Soles was born over many, many miles of running. Miles spent with friends, in run clubs, at races and even more miles solo. Over the course of 20 years, I’ve easily run thousands of miles. With each mile, I’ve grown stronger by pushing my own limits.

Clearly, I have a love for running. I also have a passion for living an active, healthy lifestyle. As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, I understand the science and methodology behind what I’ve been doing as an amateur runner for so many years. I know:

  1. How to lose weight and gain strength
  2. How to reduce the risk for injury and come back from one
  3. How to beat stress and sleep better at night
  4. How to stay strong while facing life’s challenges

The name Strong Soles came from my best friend and biggest supporter – my husband Mike. Strong has been my key word for a few years. I’ve used that word to get through tough times on long runs. Soles refers to shoes, but also our soul as a human being. I want everyone to feel as strong as they can, both inside and out.

Strong Soles is here to guide you toward finding your strength and living a happy, healthy lifestyle.

· An active lifestyle improves health and fitness which supports a high quality of life

· A healthy diet fuels these activities

· Body weight and weight-lifting increases foundational strength

· Flexibility increases range of motion and reduces risk for injury

· Running, walking, biking, swimming and other activities are FUN, especially with others

Follow me on social channels, read the blog posts and listen in as I co-host the 40+Fitness PodcastStrong Soles will provide inspiration and tips for improving your overall health and fitness. Contact me for additional personal training services when you are ready to start on the path toward improved health and fitness.

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